Places, People, Paths

Our current issue elaborates on connections between places and people.

"We are in need of a permanent venue", states Yvette Bozsik, one of the symbolic figures of Hungarian contemporary dance, in an interview. Her dance company works as a guest performer in different theatres, each having its own standards and expectations which hinder the free flow of creativity. The interview with the choreographer focuses on her new piece, Death and the Maiden dedicated to the memory of Pina Bausch, and the renewed Stravinsky piece, Les noces.

Our next column analyses the relationship between small towns and small town theatres. There has been a recent change of management in the Szeged National Theater. Conductor Sándor Gyüdi was appointed general manager, and the new artistic director is Tamás Juronics, director and choreographer of the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company. The new management introduced a progressive programme which hasn't proven successful with the local audience. This might have been the reason for the resignation of chief director Péter Telihay. The second season's programme was tuned to a more conventional tone. In addition to Edina Mátyás' analysis, we publish an interview with general manager Sándor Gyüdi.

In our third column we focus on Hungary's representative theater, the National Theater of Budapest. Their present season is also marked by change; the new general manager Róbert Alföldi has introduced a characteristic theater programme, evoking general criticism, often with a political edge. The article of Balázs Urbán reflects on recent tendencies, while Róbert Alföldi outlines his plans for the future in an interview, to complete the picture.

Árpád Schilling and the Chalk Circle's last season has been all about change. They broke the tradition of making conventional performances and experiment with pieces inspired by a given location. Their first set is entitled Notes of an Escapologist, reviewed by Judit Bara. Fanny Nánay reports on a Dutch festival on place relevant art.

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